Change is as good as a holiday????

“Change is as good as a holiday…?”

What would I rather be doing?  Packing boxes or sitting by a pool with one of those paper umbrellas in my drink?   Would I rather paint the eaves or visit the
Nile and the Pyramids?  
Would I rather buy a new shirt or spend three weeks in the Nepalese Alps? No…I think a holiday is definitely better than change! 

The problem is that we are not always on holidays but things are always changing.  If you are not good at embracing change you end up quite out of sorts.  Change brings excitement, possibilities and freshness but it can also bring fear, insecurity and a huge sense of loss.   My life is going through a big change at the moment and how I respond to that change will determine how well I do into the future.     What makes a holiday so good is when you travel with someone you love and trust visiting somewhere you want to see.  The Lord says of Himself “I am the Lord, I do not change!”  I can’t think of a better candidate for taking along with you in your life when you are facing change.  Though everything else might be shifting sand or in massive upheaval, He remains constant and trustworthy.   

After 16 years in Berowra we have relocated our ministry to Hornsby.  We will continue to be reaching into this wider community with the great message of the Gospel – and I will still be with you each week for Priceless Pearls. 


One thought on “Change is as good as a holiday????

  1. Just read your Pearls.
    Yes, change. It is all those things you said it was and is. Sometimes painful, but necessary. Sometimes exciting and exhilarating and ALWAYS a little scary.
    But in my 54 years on this earth I have come to the (so far) conclusion that ‘change is good’.
    “There is nothing so constant as change itself, Grasshopper!”
    Best wishes for the change in your life.
    Kindest regards,

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