How do you take your water?

I went out for the simple task of buying a bottle of water.  It used to be that you would find the bottled water on one part of one shelf but as I looked around I was assailed by a fridge full of choices all demanding my attention. 

Buying water is all about choice: The first choice I had to make was ‘did I want still or carbonated’?  Then, did I want ‘spring or filtered’?  And finally I had to decide which flavour did I want?  Lime, lemon, blackberry or citrus? 

As I thought about this I was taken by a question.  When does a drink of water become a fruit juice?  How much fruit juice needs to go in before it is no longer ‘water’?  I consulted my fridge at home and confirmed that the generic brand ‘fruit juice drink’ has not less than 25% juice. So my ‘flavoured water’ must have significantly less again.  But it must have some, and it must make a difference or else people wouldn’t buy it…would they? So it is a matter of putting in just enough to make a difference but not too much that it changes everything.

Unfortunately people do this with the Lord all the time.  They allow just enough of His influence into their lives so that they ‘feel Him’ but not enough that He actually changes them.  What the Lord is looking for is not people who are ‘watered down’ with only a hint of flavour about them but people who are the ‘real thing’, ‘full strength’ and unashamed!

What flavour are you?


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