How long did the chocolate last?

 Was it savoured lovingly or devoured ferociously?  What type of chocolate consumer are you?  Are you like my brother who would not even begin to eat an egg until after the whole family had finished theirs (thus enjoying rubbing in the fact that he still has some)?  Or are you like me:  wake up as early as possible and eat as much as you can, just in case something goes wrong and there is no other time! This many days after Easter I am sure that much of the $200 million worth of eggs sold in Australia has been consumed, but I do recognise that some people (who misguidedly believe that rationing is the best policy) will still have some left.  I wonder if we forget the reason for the eggs as quickly as they disappear from our fridges?

I really hope not and I hope that Easter has not already faded for you because it is so much more than eggs and lasts so much longer than the most highly desired confectionary on the planet.   So in this week after Easter, I pose a simple question…What did Easter mean to you and what does Easter mean today?  See, it is not a celebration that is meant for a few short days but a reality that determines your way of life.Jesus came to earth, lived and died for us and was raised to give us a way of being right with God. 

 This is a truth that one week after Easter must not be forgotten!


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