Memory or Forgettory??

At first it starts with little things like “where are my keys” or having difficulty remembering your children’s names.  Later it becomes even more obvious when you get up from your chair to do something important only to stand in the other room without any idea of why you are there.  It is a phenomena we don’t tend to talk about but I have observed that it seems to touch us all!

Many people make the mistake of believing that they are loosing their memory when in fact it is something else entirely!  They are actually developing their ‘forgettory’!

As your forgettory develops it begins to make an impact with small things like forgetting the milk on the way home or forgetting to return a phone call…later it begins to become more subtle and your find that you forget to ‘mow the lawns’ or ‘go to the dentist to have root canal’.  Your forgettory actually begins to be one of the protective forces in your life. Remembering is powerful but forgetting is also important because there are some points of difficulty and pain which, whilst they were possibly important at the time, you don’t need to dwell on everyday of your life. 

The Apostle Paul said this… “forgetting what lies behind I press forward for the prize”.

The Lord is interested in one goal for your life and that is that you will win the eternal prize – life with Him evermore! 

There are some things you need to remember but also some things that have to remain in the past.  Let the Lord help you forget so that you can move on today!


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