Choices, Choices, Choices!

After three trips around I still couldn’t make a decision. Usually it is not a problem but, for some reason, today, I couldn’t make a choice. The issue was a big one, I had to choose between a kebab, a hamburger, fish and chips or a piece of chicken…it was lunch time, and I was in a food hall.

On my fourth trip around, my inspiration finally came and I settled on a kebab…but the choices didn’t end there. I had to choose whether I wanted ‘the lot’ or not…then I had to choose the sauces! The challenge seemed almost too much for a hungry man to cope with!

Our lives are filled with choices. Every day we make hundreds of them. Sometimes the choices we make are about unimportant and superficial things; other times they are important and will determine our future or at least impact upon us for some time to come.

How are you when it comes to making choices? Are you indecisive or decisive?

The Bible talks about us when we are in the midst of making decisions. It gives us a warning… “The double minded man is unstable in all his ways!” Flitting between decisions is a very unstable way to live but the Lord does offer us a solution; He says “If any one lacks wisdom let Him ask of God who gives freely to all who ask!”

The Lord has a wealth of widsom available to all who ask…so don’t remain confused or indecisive…ask Him for help!


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