Deep down clean!

I didn’t know it was there and I was really surprised that it was. 

It looked OK, it felt OK but I thought that a little cleaning wouldn’t go amiss. 

So I hired a carpet cleaning machine and I poured in the hot water and detergent and started cleaning the carpet of my new offices…As I said, the carpet looked pretty clean and so I wasn’t expecting much of a difference but as soon as I began the first pass with the “rug doctor 2000” the game was on!

I was horrified by what came out of my carpet.  A mix of sand, dust, dirt and I-don’t-want-to-know-what-else! 

 The water in the recovery tank wasn’t just brown; it was liquid mud!The more I cleaned, the more stuff came out; I thought it would never end but eventually I completed the task.   I now have carpets that don’t only look clean but they really are clean.  One day ago they were filled with debris and impurity but now they have been washed and cleaned and are ready to fulfil their task.

Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and I think that I look OK. 

After a shower and a shave I can scrub up alright – but I have learnt a lesson from my carpet – it is not what is on the outside that counts! 

The real problems and impurities can be hidden below the surface where no-one else goes. Just like my carpet, we need someone to wash us clean!

“Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be as white as snow” Isaiah 1:18 


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