One man’s trash…

I kept adding to the pile but it just didn’t get any bigger. 

My goal… to remove all of the surplus (but full of potential) stuff that had accumulated in my garage, in my shed, down the side of the house and even up in the roof…it was council ‘clean up’ day! 

As I made my 10th trip from my store of junk to the road, I noticed something… many people were diligently emptying their garages but just as many were wandering from house to house picking up things that were just ‘too good’ to throw away!  

 In fact, some people came prepared with bags to carry their loot home, I saw people trying to fit things into the back of their sports car and I even saw a 2 tonne truck driving around, collecting whatever could be worth something.  A thought crossed my mind as I loaded up for my 11th trip to the kerb… I am tossing all of this stuff because I do not consider it necessary or helpful anymore.  The value it once held diminished to the point where I am not prepared to give it any space at all and so…to the kerb it goes!

But obviously not everyone agrees with my judgement because a lot of my junk was taken home by someone else!   Just because someone thinks that you are nothing special and even if they treat you like a piece of junk I know at least one who is in the salvaging business.  He took my life when no-one else wanted it and made it His own and I know that He is looking to do the same for you! 


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