Clean on the inside!

It was dark, wet and horrible and it wasn’t doing what it was supposed to do.  The rain was bucketing from the heavens and it seemed to be going everywhere except down the drain immediately outside of my house.   

I plunged my arm into the muddy drain because a small lake was forming and I had visions of water lapping at my front door then making itself at home in my lounge room. 

The more I reached into the drain, the more gunk and junk I managed to pull out.  Roots, leaves, dirt and all manner of ‘nasty’ had gathered together into a lump and had totally blocked the drain.  

 I pulled and pulled but eventually I could not reach any more of the obstacle…I needed assistance…I needed something that could go deeper and reach further.  So I borrowed an ‘eel’…not a real eel but a claw like devise on the end of a 6m flexible pole.  It was designed so that you could wind it into the drain in sections and reach much further than any normal arm would go.  As you turned the handle it would chew through anything in its way and, with perseverance, the blockage would be no more! From one end and then from the other I utilised the eel and then I felt a ‘pop’ and the blockage was gone…everything began to flow!   There can be many things which cause blockages in your life and some of them require something more than your natural strength or abilities to remove. I have found that Christ can reach further and penetrate much further than any blockage I have ever suffered from.  Don’t wait for a storm before you invite Him to clean you up on the inside!


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