Ran Aground!

Pasha Bulker

100’s of people everyday and 1000’s on the weekends have made special trips to Newcastle to see an amazing sight. 

It caught everyone’s attention because it was so out of place.  

The bulk carrier Pasha Bulker was driven ashore by rough seas on 8th June and for almost 3 weeks it became the centre of attention on the coast of Newcastle.   This vessel was built to handle the high seas; it was built to be surrounded by deep water. Beached on the coast, it was in danger of being slowly broken into pieces; it could not fulfil its purpose; it was in danger of becoming a permanent wreck.  None of us would probably have known the name of this ship except for the fact that it was so out of place. 

Rough weather in our own lives can cause us to get off course and in extreme cases it can cause us to ‘run aground’.  We can find ourselves in situations where we feel trapped and in danger of breaking up or of never breaking free.  

The only solution to the big ship stuck on the beach is a huge tide and some very powerful tug boats to help. 

The only solution when you ‘run aground’ is for effective help to come your way.  

I am thankful for family and good friends who can help us change desperate situations but I am even more thankful for the one who controls the tides.  

“Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” John 8:36   If you are off course or ‘beached’ why don’t you look to Him for the help you need?


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