The 4th of July

Every day someone around you is remembering a special day.  This week saw Americans celebrating the 4th July, in a few months it will be Fathers’ day and you never know whose birthday it might be.   People remember other things as well: some are great things like anniversaries or exciting adventures; some however are difficult and sad like the loss of a loved one or the memory of a missed opportunity. When we set the date for our wedding over twenty years ago I  was told by a family member that the date we had chosen coincided with the anniversary of the death of another close relative many years before…the suggestion was that we should reschedule to avoid this sad memory. But we decided that it was better to add a positive touch to what was otherwise going to remain a sad and difficult day for years to come.  Is today a special day for you?  Is it a positive day or a negative one? The fact is that you have an opportunity to choose how this day will be remembered…you have the opportunity to make this day one of the best of your life.  Paul the Apostle put it this way…  “Behold, today is the accepted time; behold, today is the day of salvation.” 2 Corinthians 6:2 There can be no better day to remember than the day that you were rescued from certain death and dreadful danger.  I am so glad that I can remember the day that it happened for me.  I hope that today might be your day as well!


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