He has done all things well!

I didn’t mind doing the job, it wasn’t that difficult but I must admit…it was very frustrating!  Nothing was where it was supposed to be, a number of things were where they weren’t meant to be, even more things were not doing what they were supposed to do and some other things were doing stuff that they were never designed to! The frustration came from the fact that someone else had not done the job correctly in the first place and I had to clean up the mess!  I am sure that you have had the same experience; someone has a responsibility that they just don’t see through.  Sometimes they are aware that they are doing a half hearted job but other times they don’t even realise how far short of the mark they have come.  The good thing is that for the majority of the time I find that people live up to their expectations and they do see things through.  But when there is a really important task there is always the risk that they might “drop the ball”. That is when I want to be really careful to entrust the ‘special’ tasks to ones I really trust. The most important tasks are the deep issues of life and those things which impact on your eternal soul.   I am pleased that I can turn to Christ to handle the really important stuff… He has a great resume; He won’t ever let you down… “He has done all things well!” Mark 7:37 


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