Things I hate!

There are not many things that I can say that I really hate but I know that I am going to have a challenging day when both of them happen before 6.00am!   

The first is waking up late and I am sure that every one of us has done this from time to time. 

That sinking feeling you get when you realise that the alarm has gone off but the only response you have offered is to lean over, turn it off and drift back to sleep. 

There is nothing like the overwhelming shock when you finally wake up 15, 30 or 60 minutes later!  

My second pet hate is when there is only enough deodorant left to spray under one arm! 

This might not bother you but it leaves me feeling lopsided all day.  I feel like my right side is a welcome friend and my left side is a slightly unkempt relative that I don’t really want to hug!  When one of these happens I can cope but on the rare occasion that they coincide I know that the day is going to be a challenge for me and anyone standing to my left! 

I don’t know how your day started today but I wanted to give you some encouragement that it can finish well! 

The Lord is with you even on the bad days and if you need someone to walk through whatever you are facing He is there.  He doesn’t mind how late you are or how much deodorant you happen to wear!


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