OPEC – You have an invitation as well!

21 nations spanning four continents, representing the most economically dynamic and diverse regions of the world, accounting for approximately 40 per cent of the world’s population, 56 per cent of world ‘Gross Domestic Product’ and 48 per cent of world trade. It is known as ‘Asia Pacific Economic Co-Operation’ (APEC) and it is meeting in Sydney this weekend.  I heard someone describe this event as “all the inconvenience of the Olympics with none of the fun!” I also heard of hundreds of demonstrations being planned to coincide with the conference, member delegations requesting permission to carry guns and an unhealthy level of excitement being generated regarding the shirt that all the world leaders will be given to commemorate the summit!   

Hosting this event is quite a big deal: it draws attention to the fact that Australia is part of a larger world; that we have the right to host the most influential and powerful leaders; and it enables us to set much of the agenda of what will be discussed.  But to many people, this is just an opportunity for a bonus long weekend and they will give no more thought to it than that.  But that doesn’t change its importance.  

The Lord has called a summit of His own.  All nations, tribes and people are invited.  Many fail to respond but that doesn’t change the importance or significance of the opportunity.

 “All nations whom You have made Shall come and worship before You, O Lord, And shall glorify Your name.” Psalms 86:9   You have your invitation…you have the weekend off…what are you waiting for?


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