What’s that in your eye?

It started out being a little uncomfortable but it soon became really annoying! It was surprising, it was so small and yet it made such a huge impact.  The problem was that I couldn’t see the problem, because the problem was a speck of dust that had lodged itself in my right eye.

The thing is that my eyes were watering so much I couldn’t see enough to work out what was going wrong! 

All I could see, through foggy vision, were two bleary eyes growing increasingly red with each passing moment.  

I tried all the tricks I had ever used before but to no avail, what I really needed was someone else to take a look and someone else to administer some eye drops. 

Finally I asked for help and when I did, immediate relief was mine.   I am sure that you have had a situation similar to this: something in your eye or something caught in your shoe…something that had to be fixed before you could move on.   Sometimes it is not the big things that impact us but the small things:  Things we have failed to do or mistakes that we all have made.  The Bible talks about the fact that we all stumble, and because we stumble in small things “we are guilty of all”. James 2:10  In the same way that I could not help myself with my bleary eye, we all need someone to remove the sin that trips us up and stops us moving forward. Don’t try and fix something yourself that you were never destined to fix…Ask the one who really can help!


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