Pass the salt please!

Wrinkles, sunken eyes, flatulence, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, confusion, low blood pressure, irritability, and a difficulty in breathing… No, I am not describing personal problems nor am I cataloguing a list of fears I possess… this list are these symptoms you would suffer if you had a salt deficiency.  It is actually hard to develop a salt deficiency because most of us get way more salt than we need in our normal diet.  But it is important to remember that salt is an absolute necessity for our health.  

Jesus said something very interesting to those who would follow Him… “have salt in yourselves…” Mark 9:50   

Jesus wasn’t advocating a high salt diet and He wasn’t particularly concerned about your bodily functions.  What He was referring to was the fact that we need a little ‘something’ added to our life to make it function properly.  In the same way that you add salt to enhance the flavour of your food, you need a little of what Christ offers to really make your life taste great.  Many people get all the way to the ending of their lives without ever knowing the wonderful ‘taste’ that comes from a relationship with Christ, some even go out their way to avoid it. The sad thing is that just like your body craves natural salt so too your spirit craves what Christ is more than willing to offer.  So my question for you is this…how is your salt intake?   Maybe its time to… “taste and see that the Lord is good!”


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