Peanut butter and….???

For many years it was peanut butter on Monday, peanut butter on Tuesday, and peanut butter on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

I was happy, I was content and I didn’t even know that I was in a rut. Almost every day of my primary school years I had a staple diet of peanut butter sandwiches waiting for me in my lunch box which I happily devoured.

 Long after primary school I was still eating peanut butter sandwiches but something profound happened.  I found that you could add other ingredients to add variety and, in fact, totally transform what can be a very boring existence.   In my quest for the ultimate sandwich I started with the American ‘peanut butter and jelly (jam)…unsatisfactory.  I then experimented: peanut butter and tomato;  peanut butter and sultanas; peanut butter and cheese; and peanut butter and apple… all adding little twists but none really requiring a second helping! 

But it was not until I stumbled upon ‘peanut butter and banana’ that I realised what I had been missing all my life!

 In many ways it is the ‘perfect sandwich’, offering 4 out of the 5 food groups with ingredients which synergise perfectly, totally revolutionising the choices at lunchtime.  I don’t recommend that you deep fry them (like Elvis did) but I do recommend that you try it.  It is often the case, you need someone to point out the benefits of something before you realise that you need it – That is how I see my major purpose in life – to point out that a life with Jesus is so much better than one without.  

Don’t remain in the peanut butter rut, give Jesus a go – He tastes great!


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