A sandwich of appreciation!

I am not sure whether she meant to do it or not…

It was half way through the day, I was at university, sitting with my friends and we were just at that moment when you pull out your lunch to compare menus.  One of my friends proudly presented their salad roll that they had made that morning and I, even more proudly, produced the cheese and vegemite sandwich that was in my lunch box.  The reason for my pride was not in the contents of the sandwich but in the fact that my mother was still making them for me in my third year of uni!

So we started our lunch and I took my first bite only to find that my mother had neglected to unwrap the cheese slice from its individual plastic wrap! 

I was left with a mouthful of plastic; this caught me completely by surprise and became a huge joke to everyone who was watching on.

As coups go, it was not a huge one but my mother was making a statement that I needed to hear.  It was time for me to step up and stop taking her for granted. From then on I had a greater level of appreciation for all the little things she did for me.

 Appreciation is important, without it relationships can sour and become difficult. It is every hard to work with or live with someone who is not appreciative of all that you do.

I am not advocating that you plan revenge with the ‘patented’ cheese slice move but I do challenge you to appreciate all that your family, friends, colleagues and the Lord does for you. 

Why don’t you show it today?


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