Don’t hide at the back!

I remember deliberately standing at the very back of the line…and this was a first for me! Usually I had the uncanny ability to wend my way to the front, but today, there was method to my madness! From where I stood, this line reached all the way back to the Deputy Principal’s office and it included all of the year 5 boys (about 60 of us).   The Deputy had been brought in to deal with a significant disruption during lunchtime and because he couldn’t find the culprits, he had decided that he would ‘cane the whole lot of them!’ 

I was sure that caning 1student would not require much effort, caning 5 however, would start to become a physical challenge. 

I immediately saw the opportunity and so, I ‘graciously’ offered to take up my position at the rear of the line. 

118 strokes of the cane later my planning paid off and my punishment was delivered by a man covered in sweat whose muscles, I am sure, were screaming at him to stop! 

It was one of the few times I was caned and it hardly hurt at all.   While I can see the funny side of this now, I can also see the massive error that was made at the time.  The problem was that the punishment was delivered ‘en masse’ and, for the most part, it was unfair.  We were accused, sentenced and punished as a group.  

I have spoken to people who believe that this is the way God operates, but I have it on really good authority that the opposite is in fact true.  

The Lord knows you individually and He responds to you individually, He is never harsh or unjust nor does He want you to hide yourself at the back of the line!


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