Attached or working loose?

It was in incredibly small thing but because it was missing, it was almost a disaster! 

I was travelling at 110km/hr headed towards Brisbane for our summer holidays and I didn’t realise that the bolt on the top of the trailer had worked its way loose.  When I least expected it, the trailer began a frightening, out-of-control dance as it swung from side to side almost determined to hit the surrounding and on-coming cars.  

My first reaction was to slam on the brakes but I realised that this would only add to the problem, so I took a deep breath and removed my foot from the accelerator and allowed the car to loose momentum.  The trailer continued to swing and sway but as my speed reduced, so too did the wildness of the trailer’s dance.  After what seemed like an eternity (it was probably only a minute), the car was on the side of the road and the trailer was safely at rest.  

It was a very small thing that caused the problem but it was very important.  Small things often are…small words and small deeds can make all of the difference.   

Our lives tend to move at a very fast pace, 110km/hr can seem slow sometimes but when things are moving at that sort of pace it is imperative that you get the little things right.

James said in the Bible “For whoever shall keep the whole law, and yet stumble in one point, he is guilty of all.” James 2:10   

So are you attached to the Lord in the way you are supposed to be or are you a little on the loose side?  Time to pull over and check!


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