All hail the foot woose!

It was the first really hot day of the summer and I thought that I would be fine but the fact is…I am a ‘foot woose’!

You see, I don’t walk anywhere in bare feet and most of the time I am wearing shoes, so trying to walk across the road to Bondi Beach in the middle of the hottest day proved not only to be a challenge which gave me a ‘silly walk’ but it also left a lasting impression. 
I tried to tuff it out and pretend that nothing had happened but the two large blisters on the balls of my feet kept telling me otherwise!

Blisters are a lasting reminder; every step you take reinforces the fact that something is wrong. Treating a blister takes time and you need to stop the cause and give your feet an opportunity to heal – if not, the problem will get worse and can even escalate into a major issue.  

My blisters will get better pretty quickly and I will be even more likely to avoid any ‘manly’ attempts to show off my ‘foot capacity’ – no one will ever know – except that I have told you!  But for the next couple of days I will remember, with every step, the fact that where I have walked has left a scar. 

Sometimes the places we have gone and the way we walked through them have left lasting impacts. 

Some of these heal pretty quickly but others last for a long time, if not for our whole lives.  

Hopefully you have met and are close to The One who knows the very hairs on your head and cares for every single step your feet will take.


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