Passport Photo

“Stand up straight, take off your hat and your glasses, step a little closer and please do not smile.” 

All hope of ever getting a decent looking passport photo has gone! 

It used to be that you would try really hard to look OK because you were ‘stuck’ with your photo for ten years but now you have no choice…you have to follow the rules as laid down.   

The department of Immigration has adopted a ‘face detection’ system.  This enables officers to instantly search through hundreds of thousands of individual photos to check your particular facial features against those on record.

To achieve this, each photo has to follow the same parameters; the size from the top of the head to the chin must be between 32-36mm; you have to have a ‘neutral’ expression (no smiling); no head coverings or glasses and; it must be printed on low gloss paper.   

It is comforting to know that security measures such as these are in place but it is a little bit disconcerting to just be one photo in the midst of such a huge crowd!  But if you had to find a face…this is the system to do it! 

There are many faces you desire to recognise and remember, even after many years you can see someone you used to know and it all comes flooding back.

But I want to remind you of the one face you must never forget, one face you should never stop searching for!  

“You said, “Seek My face” and My heart said to You, “Your face, LORD, I will seek.” Psalms 27:8-9 


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