Just one more!

One person is normal and acceptable, two people if you are willing to help someone out but beyond that seems over the top!  

 I am currently in the Philippines on a missions trip and yesterday I was taken for a ride on the local transport.  There were 5 of us on a small motorcycle with a large sidecar attached.

A Yamaha 125 was never designed to cope with that sort of abuse!   

It was amazing to listen to the straining of the motor as this bike worked well beyond its capacity to struggle up the rocky paths and then fly down the other side at amazing speeds of up to 40km/hr!  

The thought crossed my mind of all the work opportunities we could create if we abandoned our penchant for safety standards – imagine the growth industries of paramedics, health insurance clerks and funeral directors! 

As we drove along the road I was amazed that we actually stopped to pick up more passengers!  It seemed that there was always room for one more.  The reality was that at some point this poor little motorcycle was not going to be able to go on but you had to admire the faith of the driver! 

This little experience made me think about the power of the Gospel – the good news message of Jesus Christ. 

Literally millions of people have taken up the offer to be transported by its power and purpose, to be delivered to a better destination.   

The powerful truth is there is yet room for one more! 

The Gospel has not yet even approached its ‘maximum capacity’ so there is definitely room for you.   

So – jump aboard! 


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