The Greatest Gift?

The choices for some people are endless. 

It takes no time at all to find a gift; the problem is which one do you choose? 

For others the choices are not so vast but eventually you come up with something that is just right.  But for a small group of people it seems that there is nothing that really says what you want to say and no single item which achieves what you want to achieve.  Even the trusty gift certificate doesn’t seem to fit! 

What is it about those people? You know them well enough to be wanting to give them a gift, you like them enough to be giving them a gift…is it that they already have too much or that they really don’t have any other interests that you can be part of?  

Whatever the reason, I hope that you don’t give into the temptation to just buy anything as the Christmas Eve desperation begins to loom. 

I hope that you can find the ‘perfect’ gift and not the mass produced set of six china canisters with elves and mushrooms that we received one Christmas! 

This Christmas I hope that you can find the words and the emotion to communicate your love, affection and appreciation for those around you. 

And I hope you can do it with a gift that makes the recipient understand how you really feel. Of course the greatest gift needs to be remembered this Christmas as always, it needs to be cherished as always.  It is a gift fit for every one of us and tailor-made to suit us in every way.   

Enjoy opening your gifts this year and don’t forget the joy, peace and love of the coming of Christ this Christmas!


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