The first time you try!

“Clutch in… change into 1st… hold the hand-brake…let the clutch out slowly… give her a few revs…OK… try again…”

I had the awesome opportunity today of giving my son his first driving lesson.  Even though it is much easier to learn on an automatic he is determined to master the challenges of a manual!

So today was the day and we laughed (and lurched) our way through our first lesson.   

After an hour it felt like I had been the recipient of a vigorous back massage and I had developed a severe case of whiplash!    

It was a really great experience…a little bit of stress but mostly enjoyment: However, it did make me think about all that is involved in an action that I now do almost without thinking. You are probably like me; you don’t think about how to drive, you just drive.    There are so many things that we do now, that were once new and uncomfortable actions for us. But after a little practice they become second nature and we just do them without much thought.     

So with the start of the New Year comes an opportunity for you to decide to try something that you might not be all that comfortable with.   

When was the last time you prayed?  When was the last time you really spoke to God?   Let me break it down for you…just like I did for my son this morning.   

·   Believe that He is there & listening

·   Believe that He is able to make a difference in your life

·   Speak out what you need to say

·   Expect a response!        

(Hebrews 11:6)  Not everything feels natural the first time you try…but keep going, I guarantee that it is worth it!


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