Is your rope attached?

It is the sort of thing that happens in ‘b-grade’ movies, you don’t really expect it to happen in front of your eyes.  

This is the situation:

I am in a dinghy approaching a larger boat when I run out of fuel for the motor (yes – I had been told to take some spare – but that is another story!).  So, I am now rowing with moderate success but the current is working against me.  As I approach the boat, my whole family comes out to help.  I make an attempt to throw the short rope connected to the dinghy but unsuccessfully – then a new plan is hatched.  A long rope is bought to the back of the boat and it seems that everyone has suggestions which include the obvious “hold onto the end of the rope!” 

A particularly ‘girly’ throw ensues and the rope falls well short – at this point my son takes the rope and says “I’ll do it” and then he does… a great throw…he tosses the whole rope over the side, neither end of which reaches me! After the laughter subsided, the rope was retrieved and contact was finally made between the two vessels.

When a rescue mission is needed it is imperative that one end of the rope is attached to something secure.  Without that simple but powerful truth, you are on your own and floating in the current.

 “This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast…”   Hebrews 6:19 

Do you have an anchor? Is it well attached?  If you don’t I will happily toss you one today – His name is Jesus and I promise that He won’t let you down!


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