Lost or forgotten?

I don’t know where it is! 

Have you looked everywhere? Yes!

Have you looked in the car?  Yes!

Have you looked on the desk? Yes!

Have you checked your pockets from yesterday? Yes!   

This is a conversation that, I am sorry to admit, has happened more than once in my home.  Usually it takes place early in the morning or just before I am rushing out to an important meeting – the item that is lost might change but the rest of the pattern remains the same.  I rush from room to room looking for what has been eluding me and eventually I find it by either retracing my steps or finally opening my eyes.  

It is not so much that it is lost – I just have forgotten where I left it!   

I still have in my possession a number of items from when I was a small child – other things I had have been lost forever.  Some I will never see again, others may still turn up (especially if I ever get around to cleaning out my garage!).

When it comes to you… what do you still have, what have you misplaced and what have you lost?

 I’m not only talking about possessions…what about things like hope, faith, joy and love 

I have found that my wife is really helpful when it comes to finding my keys and mobile phone but on the bigger issues I am glad that the Lord Jesus weighs in!  

Whatever you may have lost, He is able to renew.  All we have to do is ask for His help!


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