How are your warning gauges?

As the light began to blink, my heart began to sink. 

I thought that I might have had a major problem but then I remembered that it had been quite a while since I checked my oil.  I felt bad because I should have remembered to do it but I guess that is what the warning light is for!  So I pulled up at the next service station and popped the bonnet to find that I was very low on oil. 

My car is getting older and I should probably look after it just a little more but I am really glad for the warning lights! 

Warning lights are great, they let you know when things are too hot, when things are too cold, when things are getting empty or when you are going too slow or too fast.  Modern cars have more and more warning lights, gauges and beeps to try and make you safe so that you arrive at your destination intact.  

People are not built with warning lights that flash or gauges which give you an empirical output of how you are travelling – but there are ways of telling when things are not quite right.  

I regularly like to do an inventory my reserves and resources…I have learnt that if I push too hard for too long, I end up in a big mess.

I check my emotional warning light.

I check my physical warning light.

I check my Spiritual warning light.

If any are flashing – I pull over and make sure that I get the input I need. 

How are your gauges going so far this year? Is it time for a top up?


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