Do something new!

I don’t know about you but I like to eat Corn Flakes late at night. 

This might not seem like the appropriate time to eat corn flakes but it really works for me.  In fact I don’t really like eating them in the mornings at all – I don’t know why I just do! 

It is very easy to get stuck in a pattern of behaviour that doesn’t really reflect who you are.  Corn Flakes might have been designed as a breakfast cereal but there is no ‘law’ that states that they must be consumed prior to 10.30am…so I encourage you to eat them when you like. 

There are a lot of things that people get ‘traditional’ about that were never really designed to have traditions attached. 

Some people vote a certain way because that is the way they always have, some people park in a certain area of a carpark because they always park, some drink the same beer, buy the same car, go on holidays at the same place. 

I’m all for doing things you like to do and doing them regularly, I just think that sometimes we are limited in our experience of life because we fall into needless traditions.  

Many people have a traditional view of God and Spiritual things – they see them limited to a certain day at a certain place and I think that this is a tradition that stifles the freedom and enjoyment that the Lord had in mind.   

So my encouragement to you today is to try corn flakes after 10pm and to allow the Lord Jesus some room to do something new your life right now!  


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