Which lane will you take?

The three options were before me, I had to make a choice but I was not sure which way to go – I could see the signs at the end of Hornsby pool – “Face pace swimmers”, “Medium pace swimmers” & “Slow pace swimmers” but which was I? 

I know I swim OK but how do I fare in respect to everyone else?  No idea!  

If I started in the fast lane, I thought, I would probably be embarrassed as ‘Thorpelike’ individuals glided past me; if I chose the slow lane, I would probably be held up and not able to enjoy my swim.   So I chose the centre lane.

This worked well for the first 500m but as I continued to swim my pace slowed and lap by lap, the people sharing my lane were consistently approaching.  I wasn’t getting any faster, in fact, I was slowing down. So I had to change lanes for the last few laps.     

There is no shame to swimming in any lane of the pool but it made me think about how important it is in life to have an accurate understanding of who you are and what you are capable of.  

There are things that you can do and things that you can’t. You are better than others in some areas but there are things in which you are ‘outshined’.   

When it comes to spiritual things, which lane do you swim in? Or maybe you don’t swim at all?  

Paul spoke about this in the Bible in the book of Romans 12:3 “Do not think you are better than you are. You must decide what you really are by the amount of faith God has given you.”

Everyone has been given a measure of faith, I encourage you to keep swimming! 


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