Is everything in place?

The problem was obvious and the solution was simple – or so I thought.   

The door of the fridge had been like this for the last few weeks and they had been propping it up with a small piece of cardboard.  

A small screw that held the hinge had broken, the hinge had dropped and so had the door.  This caused a large gap which made everything go haywire and the fridge couldn’t do its job and everything inside would have been ruined.  All it needed was the right screw. 

So I emptied the fridge, laid it on its back, located the problem, fitted the screw and that was that…except it wasn’t. 

A couple of hours later the same thing happened and there was the door, hanging off again! I realised my mistake, the screw I had fitted looked OK but it wasn’t up for the job; something larger and stronger was needed.

Something, that could stand the test of time and not let me (and everyone else) down.

I fitted the larger, stronger screw and sure enough, everything was now OK.  

This made me think about the problem we all share; the gap between who we want to be and who we really are. 

You and I know that we fall short of our own expectations and the Bible reminds us that we fall short of God’s expectation for us (Romans 3:23).  This ‘gap’ causes us all sorts of problems and the contents of our lives and the impact we cause have the potential of being totally ruined.  

This Easter reminds us that there is an answer, you cannot choose a ‘screw’ of your own making it has to be strong enough for the task.

All you have to do is ask and He will hold your life in place.


One thought on “Is everything in place?

  1. You are right, we are the embodiment of SIN. Hence as you say we need to ask and He will “hold our life in place”. In other words He redeems us, He regenerates us, He sanctifies us, He Renews us, He transforms us, He Conforms us and finally He Glorifies us at His return.
    But, wow what a wonderful process, even though very painful especially the renewing and conforming us back to the Image of His Son. Yes, when He first found me many years ago, it was so wonderful to know sins forgiven and peace with God, but at that time I was ill prepared for what lay ahead due to my sad condition, I remained unclear of so much light and especially concerning the vital issue of John 6:50-58. This has been a REALITY for only a short period but the consequences are eternal. Why? even many of Christ’s disciples left following Him over this issue, at least that is comforting to me in that I am not alone in my absolute blindness

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