New set of keys…

It looked OK but it wasn’t until I needed to use it that I found out that it was not OK.

I was given a new set of keys last week and a few days later I had my first opportunity to use them. The key to the front door was the right shape and it had all the appearance of being correct. It looked like a front door key, when it ‘jingled’ it sounded like a front door key and it slid into the lock in the same way you would expect a front door key to.


The problem was, it would not turn. I tried the other key…it wouldn’t turn either, the door remained locked and I was on the outside. So I did what everyone else would do…I tried all my other keys as well (always the optimist!) but I was still outside!


The key had not been cut correctly and I am sure that you have probably had the same experience. It was no big deal but it did remind me to always check that a key works before I get caught in an awkward situation again when I really need it.


In your lifetime you will possess many ‘keys’ to many different doors and opportunities. Some will be literal keys and some will be figurative ones. What you do with your ‘keys’ is up to you but I hope that your ‘keys’ all work.


Jesus told Peter that He had given him (and all Disciples) “…the keys to the kingdom!”

These incredible keys are available to you and me and unlike my useless front door key, these keys have been used for centuries and have opened the way for everyone who is willing.


So, don’t remain locked outside…there is a key which works!


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