“In 800 metres, turn right”, “at the next roundabout, take the third exit”.

I have recently started using an in-car navigation system which is incredibly useful if you are trying to get around places you don’t know. What happens is that you tell the gadget where you want to go and it plots the route for you to take, it shows it to you as a three-dimensional map, and prompts you to turn as you travel along.   You can choose the voice, the accent and whether or not you want to use toll roads.

It sounds perfect, but it does have its limitations. I have found that this gadget will take me in different directions that I would normally travel, sometimes the route it chooses is a ‘short cut’ but often it will default to major roads and does not really think about the time of day or the traffic it may encounter. Also, yesterday, it navigated me into a tunnel but then it couldn’t see the satellites to tell me which of the five exits I should take! (I chose the wrong one!)

I have been surprised by how much help this little addition has made and how much time it has saved me. Knowing where you are going is a great start to a big day.

The Lord has given each one of us two different and complimentary guidance systems. The first is our conscience which tells us (in broad terms) the difference between right and wrong. The second is the Holy Spirit who desires to walk with us and give us direction on how to live and to help us in the challenging choices we regularly face.

He doesn’t offer you many short cuts but His directions will never fail. You just have to get connected!


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