And they’re off and racing!

“And they’re off and racing!”  

I was channel surfing in my hotel and I found what some may consider to be a ‘perfect balance’ – 4 free to air television stations and 4 sports stations.  This is how I happened upon the 4th race at the Shepparton Dog Track.

8 dogs versus 1 mechanical rabbit: The rabbit swings past the starting gates and the dogs are off!   They look like they are enjoying the task and the look incredibly passionate about getting to the rabbit but then the race is over and the mechanical rabbit is packed away ready for next week.

I wonder what would happen if the greyhound caught the rabbit?  Would it be disappointed that it wasn’t real?  Would it make it less motivated at the next race?  Would it tell its friends and spread the word that the race was just a bit of a sham and there was something more sinister going on?

We all chase after different things.  Some of them are tangible like big screen TVs or a better place to live.  Some are less tangible like personal goals or the hopes you may have for your family the future.

My question is: “Is what you are chasing after real?”

Jesus reminded us about the fact that we tend to focus and even worry about many things.  He showed us that the race of life has a much more important goal.

“Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”                              Matthew 6:33

How disappointed would you be if you arrive at the end of your time on earth only to find that you were focussed on a ‘mechanical rabbit’?

Don’t settle for less than your were destined to achieve!


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