Is that him?

Is that him? No.

There he is…no it’s not him.

I went out to meet my son at the airport the other day and I joined the multitude of people gazing longingly over the barrier towards the doorway through which, they hoped, their loved one would appear. A constant sea of people passed through the doors as plane after plane of passengers made their way home or off for a great Australian adventure.

It had only been a little over a week since I had seen my son so I was confident that I would recognise him but it did make me stop and think. Some around me were greeting family members that they hadn’t seen for ten, twenty or even fifty years. I am sure that the people had changed somewhat but there was still joyous recognition on their faces as they greeted one another.

What is it that causes us to recognise someone we know? Is it the way they walk, their hair colour, their eyes or their mannerisms? In fact it is all of these and more. There are many things which are distinct about us and make us an individual and the better you know someone, the easier it is to pick them out of a crowd.

There is nothing nicer than when you are coming through the gates at the airport than to hear someone calling your name, telling you that you have been recognised and that you are now home.

Jesus had a way of doing this to the multitude which followed Him. He would single out an individual and often call them by name. This demonstrated to them that they were important and not just “one of the crowd”.

You are not just one of the crowd to Jesus, He recognises you and He calls you by name.


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