Who do you call?

We had a death in the family last week…it was not actually a family member but it had filled the role of one. For the last five years it had faithfully continued to pull its weight and day after day it had made a difference…it was our dishwasher!

The dishes were loaded in, the powder was locked inside its little compartment and the button was pushed… but then a horrible noise emanated from the inside of the machine and then…nothing.

Dishwashers are fantastic inventions but when they cease to function they are really just somewhere for a pile of unwashed dishes to accumulate. It looks as though we will be breaking out the washing-up roster and the tea towels, at least until the technician arrives!

It is great when an item or an individual fulfils their purpose; when they complete what they were made to do, but sometimes something goes wrong and you cannot fully complete the task at hand.

With a dishwasher, getting it fixed is fairly easy: A phone call, a service call and an invoice. With an individual ‘fixing’ can be much more complex with intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual areas being affected.

The question at this point is “Who do you call?” A university might help the intellect, good friends might be able to sooth the emotions and a doctor might be able to prescribe something for your symptoms but do you have an effective answer for the spiritual aspects of your life?

I have spent most of my life contemplating, exploring, investigating and studying spiritual things and I have found one truth above all else…

“Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am worst.” 1 Timothy 1:15

My dishes might not be clean but at least I am!

How about you?


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