What is in your way?

It was no good, I couldn’t see. I would have to wait a little longer and then I would be OK.

I was on a short visit to our nation’s capital and I want you to know that winter is well and truly on the way! I got out of my warm bed and left my warm room to go to my first appointment to find that the front of my car was thick with ice and I wasn’t going anywhere for a little while. I also noticed that I was the only person who was parked in this particular part of the car park (something I had thought fortuitous the night before) which now, on reflection, I understood why.

The shadows from the buildings allowed the ice to remain on my car and my car alone. So I had to move my car (navigating using the open driver’s side window) into the sun and let nature take its course.

It was amazing that such a relatively thin layer of ice blurred my vision so completely, it was an easy thing to rectify but whilst it was in place I was going nowhere!

It made me think about other things which ‘blur’ my vision: Busyness is a culprit as I race though everything I have to do and I sometimes miss the really important things which should be blatantly obvious; preconceived attitudes can sometimes rob me of the flexibility required to see something new and fresh; and my own desires can stand in the way, making me incapable of seeing what the Lord has for me.

Only you know whether you are seeing the full picture or whether there is a layer of ‘ice’ in your way.   Some time in the sun fixed my car, time with the Son of God will fix your vision problem as well!


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