What’s on your thank you list?

I didn’t notice at first but as soon as I tried to pick up my briefcase I knew I had a problem. It wasn’t a huge thing but that is what made it so annoying. I must have slept funny or pulled a muscle the day before because my shoulder was stiff and sore and every time I tried to do the things I normally do I was limited and in pain.
I found it amazing just how many times I felt my shoulder throughout that normal day. I am sure that you have experienced this: You hurt a finger or a toe and you spend the next few days whinging and wining about how many times you catch it or bash it on something.

I realised this week that I often don’t notice when things are going right. I suppose that I am like most every body else and I tend to recognise when things are going badly or are impaired in some way. But I think that I need to pay better attention when things are fulfilling their appointed task. I have never before been thankful for a shoulder that is strong, pain free and has a full range of motion but I am today! I wonder what other things you and I should be thankful for that we tend to take for granted?

My list includes being thankful for…

People in my life that love me unconditionally;

the opportunities and freedom I experience everyday; the ample supply I receive for all of my needs; and the acceptance and empowering of a gracious and loving God.  

I wonder want is on your ‘Thank You’ list?

Don’t wait for something to stop working before you acknowledge how important it really is!


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