Not a fan of ‘the crusts’

Loaves of bread disappear really fast in our house! Once you have made sandwiches for 6 there is not much of a loaf left.

But I have noticed an interesting phenomenon: Sometimes when I go to make a piece of toast late at night, that there are two (sometimes three or four) packets of bread with only two slices remaining and, you guessed it, they are the crusts.

I don’t know anyone who is a big fan of the ‘crust’. I have never been asked specifically to make a sandwich with just the crusts.

They are an inevitable reality and I am sure that many are eaten but I believe that just as many end up in the garbage or are given as a treat for the dog.

It is really a simple issue of leaving ‘the worst till last’. I use to do the same with my food as a kid. I would eat all those things I liked first and then I would sit for half and hour labouring over the cold Brussels sprouts and broad beans that I really didn’t want at all.

Many people feel that the best years are behind them and that all they have to look forward to are the ‘crusts’ of life. Being young and vibrant is a wonderful thing but there is a powerful reality that comes with age and wisdom.

The Lord Jesus actually modelled a powerful truth when He changed the water into wine at the wedding in Canna. The master of the feast said “You have left the best till last!”

Your best is yet to come, your future can be filled with purpose and hope. All you have to do is change your viewpoint and hand your life over to the one who can make something, even out of the crust you have to offer!


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