It is not the end…yet!

You would be really proud of me! I didn’t give into one of my most disturbing habits!

I managed to visit the local Church annual garage sale without bringing anything home!

It was a close call though. There was a box of about 100 VHS tapes of the complete Star Trek set (both Original and Next Generation) and for $50 it was calling out to me very loudly!

But then I thought about it – where was I going to keep them and how would I explain the large box sitting in the middle of the lounge room?

I am a fan of Star Trek but I have not yet succumbed to the urge to put on a lycra suit and attend a conference. The thing I like about Star Trek is that the heroes were always the heroes and the villains were always the villains. I also liked the fact that no matter how desperate the situation was, it was always resolved by the end of the 1 hour episode! I wish that every day of my life could finish with all the major players standing around the Captain’s chair laughing!

The truth with my life and probably yours is that things are not always so simple and more often than not they don’t get resolved all the time. There are complications and complexities which we have to work through and the roles people play are not always clearly defined.

One good thing to remember is that we are not at the end of our episode just yet! There is more to come and that should give us HOPE!

The Lord has a plan and a purpose for you and if you will allow Him, He will help you arrive at your final destination intact and in the place He set aside for You.

All you have to do is ask, He will show you the way!


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