Is there an update available?

“26 updates available…click to update”

I, like so many of you, love apps!

I have a smart phone and a tablet which regularly remind me that there is an update to one or more of the dozens of apps which I have decided that I cannot live without.

Some apps are just for fun like Fruit Ninja, some apps are full of useful information like Ultimate Trivia, some help you get the work done like Smart Tools and some are just cool (really useless but still cool) like Tricorder which transforms your smart phone into a Star Trek diagnostic tool.

The more apps you have, the more updates become available.  Apps are updated because of errors in the program or because of requests made by the users for more features.  Sometimes apps are updated to enhance security or to remove bugs which hinder other equipment.

Usually you don’t have to pay for the updates and so it is great because the app you are using gets better and better as time moves on and you really feel like you are getting your money’s worth (especially when it is free in the first place!)

My tablet gives me a choice whether I upgrade or not and most of the time I do.  I have had occasions where the upgraded app is (in my opinion) not as good as the predecessor.  Only occasionally have I regretted upgrading to what is new…usually the subsequent upgrade will fix my concerns and I am back on track, but this gave me food for thought.

It would be interesting if all of our life was an ‘App’.  When you think of how you have changed over the last few years have the ‘upgrades’ been positive?  Are you a ‘new and improved App’ or have you lost something along the way?

If you had a choice today what would you upgrade in your life?  What bugs would you remove and what errors would you fix?

The Bible reveals to us the person of God and He says  ‘I am the LORD, I do not change’ Mal 3:6

While He doesn’t change His touch towards us does…‘The Lord’s mercies and compassions do not fail. They are new every morning’ Lam 3:23

So there is an ‘upgrade’ waiting for us – maybe you should download what He has waiting for you?


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