Are you statisfied?

“I’ve got two of those and I wasn’t that impressed when I went there…!”

I was helping out doing a fund raiser for a community group last weekend and apart from selling 100’s of sausages we were also selling raffle tickets.  The first prize was a brand new car and the second prize was an all expenses paid trip to the Galapagos Islands – great prizes for sure and most people were happy to buy a ticket and test out their luck.  But as the morning progressed I was occasionally surprised by someone’s response and by one person’s in particular who I have quoted above.

It was not a problem that he didn’t want a ticket in the raffle but I was intrigued by his off-hand approach to the fact that none of the prizes took his fancy. Perhaps it was because the thought of buying a new car is currently on my radar or the thought of travelling to just about anywhere always excites me – I thought that the prizes would please most people but not this customer.  He explained that he had been to the Galapagos Islands and found it ‘boring’ because he had to stay on the boat for most of the time.

He told us about the fact that he has two cars already and what would he do with a third?

Can’t argue with his logic but I can make a small observation about it.

I think that it is a sad thing when you have so much that you stop appreciating the benefits which surround you.  It is good to be content with your lot, it is great not to be grasping for yet another possession but there is a huge difference between being ‘satisfied’ and simply being ‘jaded’ by the opportunities which you now have.

How much does it take for you to be satisfied – does it require a new car and a nice holiday or are you content with something less?  When do you feel like you have enough and how will you know you are the person you want to be?

The Psalmist in the Bible said it like this…

“I shall be satisfied when I awake in Your (God’s) likeness.”  Psalms 17:15

So maybe it is what I look like inside that counts rather than what I have or do on the outside?


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