The Essence of Mushroom…

“One bacon and egg, one mushroom and two plain beef pies please”

“We don’t have any bacon and egg left”

‘Ok, we’ll have a bacon and cheese”

Halfway to our destination we stopped at what looked like a promising bakery for some sustenance and a bit of a refresher.  We left the bakery with our paper bags and sauce sachets in hand and walked to the park to have our lunch.

The pies looked great on the outside and each one had a different symbol which told you what to expect when you took a bite.  My two kids had the plain beef pies and my wife, the bacon and cheese, which left me with the mushroom.

At approximately the same time we all took a bite and we had mixed reactions.

The two beef pies were fine, they were meeting expectations well:  Not too hot; not too cold; and they tasted fine.  The other two pies however, failed to live up to expectations and were guilty of some false advertising.

You see, as we took the first bite of our fancy pies we found no evidence to support the claims of their names.  There was no mushroom to be seen or even tasted for that matter.  No bacon and no cheese presented itself for inspection and we were more than a little puzzled.  So we took as second bite – still nothing…just a plain beef pie.  Our investigations continued as we tasted each other’s pies but still no difference.  Eventually (as we finished the pies) we realised that there were only three differences between them: the name they were called; how they looked on the outside and the price we paid for them!

When something or someone fails to live up to our expectations we become easily disappointed and even critical – we want items and individuals to live up to the advertising that surround them and demonstrate the strength of character that their outward appearance would suggest.

An ‘essence of mushroom pie’ is not the same as a mushroom pie and an outward symbol for ‘bacon & cheese’ will not suffice.  We want something real – all the way through.

Jesus had a disdain for hypocrisy in all its forms and I am sure that you are the same.

“Behold, You desire truth in the inward parts” Psalms 51:6

Are you real – all the way through?


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