Not quite a boulder!

A good friend of mine was doing some excavation work under his house and as he progressed he found a significant obstacle – it was more than a rock but it was not quite a bolder and there was no way that he could leave it where it was… we estimate that it weighed between 150-200kg.

It was too heavy for him to move by himself but he had a vision that it would make a nice feature in his back garden…and a man with a vision is not to be stopped!

So he invited me to help and together we decided that we would make it happen.

The ‘not quite bolder’ needed to move about 50m in total and this was eventually achieved by a combination of lifting, rolling, straining, using a trolley, two long planks, a number of ‘chocks’ and more than just a few ‘old man noises’!

The desired location was down a couple of terraces and whilst gravity at times was our friend, it was also a potential enemy if we at any point let the rock get out of control.

I will point out at this time both of our wives sat down on the deck enjoying a cheese platter whilst occasionally making suggestions or speaking words of encouragement or derision from a safe distance!

When we first started to move the rock it felt like the job was going to beat us – but together and using our wits we eventually achieved our purpose.  I know that every time I visit my mate’s place I will be glad to see the rock where it is and know that together we achieved something.

As time progresses there can be lots of obstacles that we uncover in our lives.  Some are small and easily dealt with but others are significant and prove to be too large to deal with on our own.

The Bible says…

“Prepare the way for the people; Build up the highway! Take out the stones…” Isaiah 62:10

It is good to call upon a mate for help but sometimes the problems we face are too big for any of us.  This is when we need to turn to the Lord and invite Him to make a difference.

These changes can become monuments that we look back upon with gladness and satisfaction.

So what stones do you need help moving?


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