Secret Santa

2 Mars bars or… a three pack of Kmart socks or… a dodgy ornament from the Reject Shop…

I, like most other people I meet, am absolutely astounded that it is already time for there to be Christmas Decorations appearing in the shops. It seems like the year has just flown passed and I am not at all ready to make significantly ‘Christmassy’ decisions.

I have celebrated many Christmases, in fact one every year! However, up until this year, I have avoided one Christmas tradition, more by good luck than by good management – this is the tradition of “Secret Santa”.

This is where everyone’s name is put into a hat, selected at random and the name you draw is the person you anonymously purchase a present for on behalf of everyone else.  The only catch is, to make it fair and accessible to everyone, a dollar figure is imposed so that everyone’s present is equal in value.

I was quite excited to be a part of this tradition for the very first time and I drew my boss’s name and immediately started thinking about what I would like to buy for him but then I was told about the one limitation – we are only going to spend $5.00.

$5 buys you a fine cup of coffee buy it is very difficult to wrap.  $5 buys a moderate amount of chocolate but my boss is trying to lose some weight. $5 buys a ‘stocking filler’ but not a very impressive present, or one that really expresses how you feel about a person.

I will have to really put on my thinking cap to come up with something but it is going to be hard given the limitation.


One of the things which stand out to me about the Lord is His commitment to generosity and His tendency towards abundance.  He doesn’t act like a $5 Secret Santa, giving us just a token of acknowledgement – He delights in huge displays of affection and dramatic proofs of His love.


He has “given to us exceedingly great and precious promises, that through them you may experience the divine nature, escaping the corruption that is in the world.” 2 Peter 1:2-4

I hope that as you approach Christmas this year you experience more than a $5 Secret Santa and that you personally become acquainted with the one who was willing to give everything for you!


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