Access Denied!

“Access Denied”, “The password you have entered is incorrect”…

I have spent many hours this week locked out of one of my blogs because I cannot remember the login name and password that I set up when I first created it. Several years ago I set up this blog and when you do, you assign ‘roles’ to different people – ‘users’ (people who can access and add to the site) and ‘administrators’ (people who have full control over format and all information contained within).  I have been accessing this site for the last 4 years as a ‘user’ but I have never had reason to access it as an ‘administrator’ until now and, you guessed it, I have lost the login details and I can’t remember the password.

So I have spent many frustrating hours trying to remember:  I have typed in every name I can think of;  every email address I have ever had;  every nickname I have called myself, my kids or my dog;  every permutation of pin numbers, phone numbers, birthdays; favourite books, poems and pastimes…still locked out.

I have contacted the blog hosting company only to be told that for security reasons they cannot release the information to me even though I can prove that every word on the site was written by myself – so unless I can work out the password, the only option is to wipe the site and to start again…

Access to information, locations or people is often something that we take for granted, it is not until we lose the right or opportunity of access that we regret it and wish that we had it back.

My Bible tells me that access to God, His will and His Word are freely available but there is a ‘password’ attached.  It is not difficult to find but unfortunately people often forget.  Without it there is no other option, there is no ‘work-around’ the only option is to get it right.  You have to know the right name…and that name is Jesus!

“..there is no salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”           Act 4:12

So if you are feeling ‘locked out’ or isolated from God, make sure you make note of the password and get reconnected today!


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