A Complete Christmas

I was travelling along the M7 motorway yesterday and I was following an SUV which had a large Christmas Tree strapped to the roof racks.  I was aware of the tree because as I was following at 110 km/hr, bits kept flying off and hitting the front of my car.

I followed for a while and then decided that it was safer to be in front and so I overtook them.

I continued to watch them in my mirror and still bits were falling off their tree.

For a total of 40 km they continued at 110 km/hr and still pieces of Christmas tree were being left all the way home.

I wondered how far they had to travel and I wondered how the tree would eventually look when they stopped and set it up.  When they bought the tree, I am sure they went through a selection process but when they got home would it still look the same?

Christmas is full of many things: dinners; parties; presents; friends; families; cards; tinsel; trees and large amounts of food.  But just like the tree on the roof of the car, it is very easy to lose bits of Christmas along the way (especially if you are rushing through life like most of us are!).

I hope that you have a full and fun Christmas but I hope your Christmas is not weather beaten and thinner than it should be.  The truth is that Christmas is not about presents, trimmings and trees; it is not about children, families and friends – all of these feature and they are all important and fun but the reality is far stronger, deeper and more significant.

Christmas is and will always be about Christ; the Child that was born, given to you as the ultimate gift.

“For there is born to you this day in the city of Bethlehem a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord” Luke 2:11

So I am just doing a quick check to make sure that the most important parts of Christmas haven’t blown off or been lost on a freeway somewhere.

I hope that you and your family are blessed this Christmas by the One who is forever ours.

Merry Christmas!


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