Time for a Refurbish?

I went to a function a few weeks ago and I was asked if they could borrow my outdoor chairs.

A few friends and I had bought some similar furniture about 8 years ago and it all matches so between us we had about 30 chairs. When they were set up they looked pretty good but it was interesting that now – 8 years later – they did not all look the same.

Even though they were made of precisely the same teak from the same factory there were three distinct colours – Some were almost white, some were quite grey and some were dark brown.

The reason for the difference in colour was twofold.  Firstly, where the chairs had been kept and secondly, when they last were oiled.

The white chairs were kept outside, undercover but exposed to the sun; they hadn’t been oiled in a while.  The grey chairs were kept outside, undercover in the shade and had been oiled 3 years ago.  The brown chairs were kept under a tarp in the garage and had been oiled about 6 months ago.

Don’t get me wrong, they all matched, they all fulfilled their purpose but there was an obvious difference between them.

As 2012 passes and as we contemplate stepping into 2013 I wonder ‘how are you looking’?

I am not talking about the outside superficial aspects of life but the internal, hidden and incredibly important personal side.

Are you white, grey or brown?

Are you tired and weathered, a little overwhelmed or are you fresh and ready to go?

The Bible speaks about being a ‘new wineskin’ ready to receive all that God has for us.

Not old, cracked and dried out by the sun but soft, supple and well oiled.

I intend to allow the Lord to refresh me ready for the New Year – I want His oil to renew me and His hand to shade me in the midst of the rigours and challenges I have to face.

When was the last time that the Oil of the Holy Spirit was allowed to refresh you?  When did you last feel the covering of His hand of protection?  Maybe the start of the new year is a good time to be refreshed?   


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