It is time!

It started with a simple and reasonable request – but it was really just a tip of an iceberg.

We were preparing the house for my Son’s 21st Birthday and my wife asked me if I could get around to fixing a hole in the wall that I had been meaning to repair for the last 18 months.

Leading up to our last major function I had done a ‘quick fix’ which was only intended to carry us over for a month or so but as you well know – it is amazing how time flies past.

Regularly, I would walk past my ‘temporary fix’ and feel the pang of guilt which urged me to get around to fixing it properly.  But to fix it properly meant quite a bit of work and I just couldn’t seem to find the time.

The party was just the motivation I needed – so I bit the bullet, tore off the temporary fix and started to make the repairs that were necessary.  It meant removing curtains, skirting boards, dealing with some water damage, replacing timber and joists, removing windows, replacing panels, patching plaster, painting and repainting… but eventually the work was done and the goal was achieved.

At more than one point throughout the task I felt that maybe I had bitten off more than I could chew but I kept working because I could see that we were on the way to reaching our goal.

Finally the job was done, the party was a success and now each morning I walk past the offending section and feel a sense of satisfaction at knowing that the problem has been finally rectified.

Holidays and the starting of the year are great times to get things done; great times to adjust things that need adjusting and to deal with issues that you have been delaying because of the busyness of life.

The Bible talks about “Fallow Ground” – fields that were once fertile and fruitful but have fallen into disrepair and are choked with weeds because of neglect. We cannot escape the need within our lives for maintenance and we cannot delay rebuilding forever – the starting of this new year is a good opportunity for us to deal with the holes in our walls or the fallow ground of our physical, emotional and spiritual lives.

Don’t put it off any longer… “Break up your fallow ground, For it is time to seek the LORD”                             Hosea 10:12


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