Is your table wobbly?

Have you ever sat at a coffee shop and found that your table was wobbly?  One leg of the table is shorter than the others and the outcome is that whenever someone leans on the table or places something upon it everything shakes.  One answer is to lean on the corner making sure that it doesn’t move but this is not very comfortable and invariably you end up relaxing and everything on the table is jolted once more.  Another answer is to fold up a serviette and to place it under the short leg in order to stop the wobble.  Yet another answer is to finish your coffee really quickly and move to the next coffee shop for your cake!

A couple of years ago I was given a beautiful table to fix, actually, I was given a table top and a box of bits and pieces.  Part of my holidays always involves getting around to jobs I have been too busy to do and so I decided that it was time for the table!

I cleaned off the table top and was pleased with what I found but I could only find 3 of the legs, a detailed search and I finally found the 4th but it was noticeable shorter than the others – I mean 150mm shorter!  Too much for a folded up napkin to fix!

My only options were to fix the leg or prepare a new one – so I crafted a solution, measured carefully and I finally had a table that didn’t lean to one side, didn’t wobble, didn’t require you to lean upon it and didn’t need a folded up serviette.

Sometimes parts of our lives can get out of balance.  We may spend too much time focussing on our job, we may be chasing a high score on our x-box, or we might be totally consumed with a new relationship.  Sometimes it is all about our health and fitness, other times it is about acquiring something new.  We may have seasons of being open to other’s needs or matters of national concern.  We may have ebbs and flows of spirituality and seasons focussed upon the big questions in life.

Each of our lives are like a table and we don’t want to have one leg that dominates all the others and we certainly don’t want one missing!

Today is a good day to have a fresh look at your table, making sure all your legs are touching the ground.  That will stop the wobble and give you the stability you need!


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