A Little Too Confident!

Last week my wife and I spent a few days on holidays in Queenstown New Zealand.

It is renowned as the ‘adventure capital of the world’ and our week certainly reflected that.  Almost on every corner there are adventurous things you can do:

You can jump out of a plane; you can parasail; you can bungy jump; you can take the giant swing; jet boat; white water raft; take a gondola ride; explore the tops of trees on a high wire course; go clay pigeon shooting or ride the luge – all before lunchtime!

Whilst we didn’t do all of these activities, we certainly gave a number a try but we were both surprised by the thing we enjoyed most of all.

The most fun standing up on two wheels that I have ever had – was a Segway tour.

A Segway is a gyroscopically controlled personal transportation device.  You stand on the platform between the two large wheels and you simply balance or lean in the direction you wish to travel and that’s the way you head!

It took us about 5 minutes to feel comfortable with the device and then we were ready to go.  The range of the Segway is about 40km and the top speed is 19km/hr – at first you start slow and a setting keeps you at about 5km/hr but as you improve, the limits are raised and you get to go faster and faster.

In two hours we explored all of Queenstown, uphill, downhill, gardens, parks and the centre of town but right at the end of the tour all limits were removed and we were encouraged to race through the park and to do some weaving through the large trees.  This was great for the first tree and the second but something happened at the turn for number three – I misjudged, turned too quick and ploughed straight into it!

I went from 19km/hr to 0 in 0 seconds.

No damage was done and I wasn’t hurt apart from my pride and the fact that my wife was laughing uncontrollably!  But it literally made me stop and think…

I hit the tree because I was too confident – confident in my own ability and confidant in the thought that nothing could stop me…then came the tree…and I now know different.

So no matter how fast you think you can go remember there are trees about and…

“It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.”  Psalms 118:8


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